A Quick Introduction

We are a design and development company from Copenhagen creating digital goods for clients.
We pride ourselves in combining robust concepts with outstanding design work - propelled by creative ideas, pretty pixels and techical wizardry and yes: a lot of coffee.

Our mission is to delight your eyes through apps and websites. High attention to details and no shortcuts.

Ambitious faces

Copenmade is a danish digital agency founded by
Mads Jensen & Rasmus Nielsen - Two friends with more than 15 years combined work experience.

Mads has been working with some of the biggest danish brand over the years. He has deep understanding on the ins and outs of the business - a full-stack developer and a straight up nice guy. Rasmus has plenty of years on the belt doing creative work. First at SHAPE, start-ups and JAY-Z music adventure TIDAL.

Now they have combined forces and are ready for the next career chapter. 🖖

Weapons of Choice


It is simple actually, we have a deep felt love for Apps - we would like to think that is why we are so good at making them.


Modern web-technology offers a lot of opportunities. We strive to follow the latest trends and deliver the prettiest websites.


We are SUPER curious about future new tech. That is why we constantly is trying to push the limits for what is possible.

Our philosophy

Have a blast, over-deliver and ship excellent products is what gets us out of bed in the morning. 
Part of Copenmades DNA is that projects should be fun. We believe that by having fun the best results will emerge. We aim to over-delivery on all over projects no matter the size.

We look forward to start working with you rather than for you. We believe that projects work out the best through iterations and constant talks with our costumers.

Grab a Coffee

If you have an inquiry or just want to get in touch the best way to do it is to shoot us an email. We listen to all ideas no matter how crazy or far-fetched they are.