Sticker Pack

We helped Natholdet built a sticker-pack and expand their brand into new areas.
Natholdet is unarguably the most well-known late-night TV program in Denmark. Running on it’s 6th season. Each night a famous guest visits the show and together with the shows host (Anders Breinholt) plays an assortment of games & quizzes - think The Tonight Show..

Natholdet is maye most known and loved for their jingles. They’re quirky, weird and alot of fun often explaining a specific situation or feeling. In our mind — perfect material for a sticker pack!

the Scenes

What is a sticker? What is a sticker pack? First question should be a relatively easy question to answer..

But in this day and age it is not, something is cooking and stickers are changing. We've been writing a small blog-post on our journey.
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